Sunday, May 14, 2017

Cross posted from G+ - - Mother's day

It was an EXTENSIVE mother's day... even though my feelings about the day itself didn't start as the greatest.

Mother's Day is complicated.

Today was pretty wonderful.

My mom was in town.
Me, Mom, Oscar and my sister (and her dog) went to the park.
We stopped for treats.
Mom left for Sux City. (boo)
I bought myself a slice of pizza and didn't share my dessert with anyone (in a blur of "what do I need?" and basic greed.)
I laid down for a hot second.
The internet is a sentimental place on holidays, made up or no.

A robot helmet was dug out.

I am grateful to live in a city (a world perhaps) that people are impressed and ready to be impressed (or at least smile) at a four year old in a robot helmet.

It's a pretty great helmet.

He's a pretty great four year old.

A running hug from T. Danger!
A year with Frog and Toad! (Bradley Greenwald IS a treasure. There's this cookie scene...)
An unexpected backstage tour including backstage cookies!
Unexpected Mother's Day wishes from strangers!
Pillsbury House Chicago Avenue Project!
An empty dance studio to play 3 Little Pigs in!
More hugs and generosity and big kids who chased Oscar around like madness!
Kind grown ups who liked my play! (and had much deeper things to say than expected)
Leftover home made eclairs!

And really, it all sort of started last night.. Off Book was an unexpected treat.

All this, and... Neil Gaiman has another American Gods episode waiting for me. I probably won't be able to watch it tonight. I look forward to it's smart stupid lurid well cast-ness. I crave this more than a brunch.

Happy mother's day. It's still complicated. But still, it was a day. And what a day.

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