Thursday, June 04, 2009

Trouble/Not Trouble

Things that may be trouble:

- An MGM liquors opened up next to Whole Foods. There are two types of parking lots that suck - - liquor store parking lots and (someone self-absorbed unknowing reason) Coop/natural foods parking lots. The Wedge parking lot is a death trap! The Whole Foods parking lots is inconsistent and challenging! The Trader Joe's parking lot will eat you! And now a liquor store next door?! Trouble.

- Going to a doctor. I went to a doctor about a week ago for a check up. Now I'm full of chemicals (nothing life threatening, just annoying). And those chemicals won't be out of my system for about 10 days, and already mess with the chemicals I ingest daily. This will make me happy! Healthy! But right now - - Trouble.

NOT Trouble:
- Went down to Des Moines last Sunday for dinner with my old college roommate Kelly, in from NYC for a wedding. A lovely drive through cornfields and windmills, to the center of the Des Moines. Stopped by the most ghetto QT in Des Moines, to find it sparkly clean and filled with cops. Ate at the Old Spaghetti Works, which also has locations in Omaha and Ralston (teehee!). Drank a gin martini at the Hotel Fort Des Moines, which is to be said with a thick unyielding French accent. Kruschev stayed there once. Not trouble.

- Drove back through a beautiful electrical storm while Bach played on the radio. Baroque pentacostal music is made awesome by stoner lightning effects, courtesy of God and nature and humidity. Not trouble.


Still looking for balance. Not feeling very balanced. Feeling tired and grumbly for no reason, which is dumb. Need to figure that out.


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